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WRUP: Ask sSSksrt’sntk the sandworm who can sort of type and maybe read edition

Dear sSSksrt'sntk, Recently, I got a big promotion at work. While I'm proud of myself, I now make more than my husband does, and he's...
Tubes! In series!

WRUP: Features of the upcoming What Are You Playing mode for Massively Overpowered edition

We're excited to announce that Massively Overpowered is getting a new browser mode, the What Are You Playing mode! Some of you will get...

WRUP: Here are some true facts about Rome I guess what do you people want to see here edition

Here are some fun magical item ideas for Pathfinder because if you're playing Pathfinder you don't deserve good magical items. Boots of Clown Flatulence....

WRUP: I’m fine edition

I'm fine. It's fine. Doing great. Fine. Fine. Fine. Super fine. Everything is fine and nothing is ruined, I feel okay. We're fine. I'm fine. This is fine. Everything happening...

WRUP: Absolutely true Zelda facts because that’s what you insatiable content grub-hounds demand right now edition

There is a rumor that the original Legend of Zelda was inspired by Ridley Scott's film "Legend." This is incorrect; it was actually inspired...
war stores

WRUP: The actual best parts of being a Star Wars fan edition

Watching a couple of the movies again is still fun if you can forget everything that happens afterwards. You get to decide whether...
Not fossils. They're different.

WRUP: Cow Quest, a stupid one-page RPG edition

In Cow Quest, you are playing a cow who is on a quest. Each character has three stats. The first is Cow (specify your...

WRUP: The show must go on edition

They hurt you, and they left you afraid, and then they simply left you. And that's where you were at the moment that something...
why is that the picture omg

WRUP: Football season was over a couple months ago and it won’t start again for a while edition

No more games. No more good games. No more bombs. No more heroes. No more walking. No more pencils. No more books. No more...
by cat stevens

WRUP: A tribute edition

His name was Robert Joblin, and he was the best teacher I ever had. I was a teenager, cocksure, so certain I had all of...
It's old.

WRUP: Looking back two hours ago edition

Isn't nostalgia great? Remember just two hours ago, when it was 8:00 a.m. EDT? Of course you do. How could you forget our Daily...

WRUP: A guide to common speedrunning categories, what they mean, and why Kylie doesn’t care edition

Any%: Usually considered the "default" speedrun, an Any% run means that your goal is to reach the agreed upon end state of the game...
That's different.

WRUP: You failed your monster hunting test edition

The Yeti You wrote: "The best weapon to fight the yeti is a flaming sword." Why you were wrong: The best weapon to use to fight...
The HORSE is a noble animal.

WRUP: Where are all the video games about accidentally swallowing ipecac and throwing up all over your computer edition

Failed Plan #13: Using wolves to scare off bill collectors Apparently most bills come to the resort via mail, and the wolves mostly scared off...
by cat stevens

WRUP: Here are the assignments you have turned in this semester that explain why I am going to fail you edition

The assignment: A seven-page essay using modern literary frameworks to analyze Beowulf that demonstrates an understanding of the failures of modern frameworks to account...
Still miss the combo here.

WRUP: A partial list of elves I have slain recently edition

Lord Algernon Everfell Boughslice of the Ninth Host: This dude was just the absolute worst so I challenged him to an elf duel. He...

WRUP: Boor-Man, the most boring sanctimonious superhero edition

Bitten by a small rodent holding a radioactive philosophy paper written by a white guy with dreadlocks as a sophomore college student, Edgar Firestone...
by cat stevens

WRUP: I learned it from watching you, dad edition

crossing a street in New York City by Dark Souls dodge rolling through all of the cars only to reach the other side,...
hotline bling

WRUP: Automated A.1. Sauce customer help line transcript edition

Good afternoon, and thank you for calling the A.1. Sauce customer help line! We are eager to help you in any way that we...
This is a metroid

WRUP: Your drunken incoherent uncle explains how to speedrun the game he calls “Metroid Florb” edition

Firssa godda get yer meproid inna box. Inna box. Whassa box have a good day, makin big trinna time have Kate get yer car......