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The MOP Up: Netmarble and Take-Two finances are powered by MMOs

We have a couple more earnings reports to, er, report to you today. Netmarble's Q1 2023 financials reported $472.4M in revenue, with MMORPGs making...

New World patches in massive buffs to the humdrum Springtide Bloom event

If you found that the Springtide Bloom event in New World was a bit on the grindy side as our own New World players...

Diablo II: Resurrected exhumes Ladder Season 4 this week

As fans await the arrival of Diablo IV next month -- next month, already?! -- the other titles in this franchise continue to vie...

The Cycle Frontier issues the Howlerbusters Challenge through April 30

One of the many features that Yager hyped for the third season of The Cycle: Frontier was the addition of a flying monster known...

Leaderboard: Is an overlay map essential in OARPGs?

Is an overlay map critical to your experience in OARPGs? Blizzard apparently doesn't think so, as it's not planning on implementing one in Diablo...

Wizard101 players are already ruining the fun of its recent Rate My Stitch feature

Sharing glamorous looks is arguably a large part of the fun in MMOs, so when KingsIsle decided to encourage that in Wizard101 with the...

Wizard101’s Rate My Stitch update adds a fashion studio and rating system

Wizard101 fans are in for a treat today as the Rate My Stitch game update goes live: KingsIsle is introducing a cheeky new system...

Skyforge kicks off Season 8 of Pantheon Wars for PC and PlayStation players

PvP'ing players of Skyforge who are on PlayStation and PC, your time to shine has arrived: The eighth season of Pantheon Wars is now...

EA is sunsetting another trio of online games from the Battlefield IP

Prepare to say farewell to a whole 'nother slew of online games and a whole 'nother reason to support widespread game preservation. Though technically these...

Wizard101 is getting a fashion event while Pirate101 hires devs for ‘new playable content’

If your Wizard101 character looks a little threadbare and out-of-style, then you're going to want to brush up its wardrobe for a fashion event...

Dauntless begins Gauntlet Season 3, raises banked weapon XP, and reruns the Silver Sword quest

Regular followers of our Dauntless coverage were already familiar with several of the multiplayer RPG's upcoming features, but now Slayers can actually experience many...
It's fine. This is fine.

New World patches in Legacy of Crassus event, nerfs bizarro bobblehead cats

Early this morning, Amazon rolled out New World's patch 1.8.3, kicking off the Legacy of Crassus event, which my brain keeps translating as Uncle...
How now crown bow... wait.

Leaderboard: Do you prefer first-person or third-person perspective while gaming?

Quantic Foundry, the team behind the Gamer Motivation Model and the modern gamer profiling test, put out a dev blog at the end of...

Diablo II Resurrected preps ladder season three, new rune words, and sundering charm improvements

Diablo Immortal isn't the only Diablo game catching Blizzard's attention this week: Diablo II Resurrected has dropped a full preview of what to expect...

‘WELP’: New World leaderboard test event ends with a bellyflop thanks to war mercenary mechanics

Testing is meant to break things and not go to plan, but the devs of New World had a pretty big stumble as the...

New World promises ‘more programmatic content’ as leaderboards hit the PTS

As the broader Amazon layoff of 18,000 people across the company's global workforce begins to reverberate across the tech industry, Amazon Games Studio's MMOs...

Vague Patch Notes: Embracing limited-time content modes in MMOs

Today's column was inspired by a discussion in work chat about limited-time game modes - specifically, the idea of something like that in World...

Leaderboard: What was the best *new* MMO of 2022?

The downside of making both old and new games be eligible for MMO of the Year is that it can be pretty hard for...

Overwatch 2’s limited-time Battle for Olympus game mode brings a clash of the gods in FFA deathmatch

The characters of Overwatch 2 are already regular humans with some god-like power and strength, but the Battle for Olympus game mode arriving on...

Leaderboard: What was the most overrated MMO of 2022?

A funny and incredibly predictable thing happens in the comments of our Most Underrated award every year: Somebody, usually several somebodies, informs us that...