lost ark

Official Site: Lost Ark (Korean)
Studio: Smilegate
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy MMOARPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Lost Ark’s Elgacia continent and latest abyssal dungeon arrive tomorrow with the June patch

We're just one day away from Lost Ark's June update, so naturally Amazon is pulling out all the stops on previewing the content -...

Lost Ark announces June 14 update with the Elgacia continent and new dungeon

If Diablo IV isn't your cup of isometric multiplayer grinder, Lost Ark would like your attention, as last night it announced its update plans...

The Daily Grind: How many online ARPGs have you played?

I can't imagine why I have ARPGs on the brain right now, but I do. And in fact, I've been enjoying a fair bit...

Albion Online compensates players, cracks down on fraud as population stays high

Albion Online has a couple of post-Knightfall changes in store for players of the PvP sandbox. First, Sandbox Interactive has revamped its rules for...

Lost Ark’s May release is here and ready to slay with the new Slayer class

After what's actually been an excessive amount of preamble - not that we aim to complain about communication and previews, mind you - Lost...

Lost Ark sets its May patch – and the Slayer advanced class – to roll out next week

Amazon's Lost Ark has found a pretty comfortable patch cadence in its first year of life, so you're unlikely to be surprised at the...

Lost Ark previews the powerful Slayer while ushering in the first Maykoko Fest

A new class -- or, more precisely, advanced class -- is heading to Lost Ark this month in the form of the Slayer. This...

Lost Ark previews Ebony Cube, the evolution of boss rush wave dungeons

As the May 10th patch approaches for Lost Ark, the Amazon team responsible for rolling it out is deep-diving some of its content as...

Lost Ark’s May to August roadmap promises the Slayer class next month

Following up on their letter to gamers last week, Amazon and Smilegate have now released a proper summer - or maybe second trimester would...

Amazon is shutting down New World’s and Lost Ark’s forums next week in favor of Discord

Yesterday, I said in MOP's work chat that the New World team deserved kudos for being one of the few major MMO studios pumping...

Four Winds: The Artist has become my favorite support class in Lost Ark

Here's a thought experiment: How would have Anakin Skywalker turned out if he had grown up on planet covered in paint rather than coarse,...

Lost Ark aims to spend 2023 reducing grind and improving the newbie and catch-up experience

Lost Ark has been live in the west over a year now, giving Amazon and Smilegate the opportunity to reflect on how far the...

MMO legend Richard Bartle reviews the highs and lows of New World

When one of the founding legends of MMORPGs spends 360 hours in your game, chances are that he has Opinions about how you did...

Lost Ark’s April update and Sweet Sugarpetal Festival go live tonight – here are the patch notes

Lost Ark fans better furbish up their patchers because the spring update is officially live tonight - technically, tomorrow, as downtime begins at 3...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 416: Jedi mind trick

Justin and Bree discuss April Fools' Day in MMOs, SWTOR, Mad World, Last Epoch, Anvil Empires, Multiversus, E3, ARK 2, and ARK Survival Ascended, with adventures in Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, and WoW Classic, plus mailbag topics on leaving your mark on and feeling special in MMO game worlds.

Lost Ark’s spring update is set to launch on April 12

While Amazon's New World team is busy putting out fresh fellowshippy fires, the Lost Ark team is blazing forward with its spring update, and...

Lost Ark details requirements and events to help players prep for April’s Brelshaza hard mode raid

The month of April is once more bringing another layer of top tier content to players of Lost Ark. At least it is to...

Massively Overthinking: When is localization itself the kiss of death for an imported MMORPG?

Last week, when I was poking around the internet trying to understand why Amazon was still making excuses for de-sexualizing some Lost Ark characters...

Lost Ark’s Art of War March update launches tomorrow morning while you sleep

Amazon is hyping up tomorrow's big patch launch for Lost Ark, the March release dubbed The Art of War. Fittingly, the heart of the...

Lost Ark’s Artist class launches in the west next week – with outfit alterations

We're just a week away from the release of Lost Ark's latest patch and the new Artist class - though Amazon is reminding players...