star citizen

Official Site: Star Citizen
Studio: Cloud Imperium Games Corporation/Roberts Space Industries
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Sci-fi Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Star Citizen shares alpha 3.20’s plans for Arena Commander’s FPS gameplay and experimental modes

Last week, Star Citizen shared a video detailing its plans for Arena Commander updates coming to alpha 3.20, with a focus on ship-to-ship combat...

Star Citizen recounts May’s dev progress on vehicles, Pyro, and new missions as its Pride Month contest returns

Cloud Imperium Games has once more put together its monthly development report for Star Citizen, which once again recounts May's granular development steps and...

The Daily Grind: What are your top three most anticipated MMOs?

Blue Protocol. Throne and Liberty. Wayfinder. Ashes of Creation. Pantheon. Star Citizen. Palia. Ship of Heroes. Corepunk. Soulframe. Dune Awakening. Nightingale. Tarisland. I could keep...

One Shots: When the GPS does you dirty

It started like any normal Sunday afternoon. A trip in the car down to the 7-11 for a Slushee and then a relaxing drive...

Betawatch: Niantic’s Monster Hunter Now winds down beta on June 13

On a scale of New World to MultiVersus, how much does it worry you when an ongoing beta is abruptly shut down? Monster Hunter...

Star Citizen takes a closer look at alpha 3.20’s Arena Commander updates

Star Citizen has already made it clear that alpha 3.20 will be mostly focused on updating the long-suffering Arena Commander module, and now devs...

Star Citizen maps out Arena Commander updates for alpha 3.20, leading to mixed reaction from players

Yesterday saw Star Citizen release its roadmap and related roundup post for the game, offering backers a nebulous view of what alpha 3.20 is...
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CIG raises prices on Star Citizen ships, confirms Squadron 42’s removal from sale for an ‘expected price change’

Backers and followers of Squadron 42 noticed something a bit worrying in the middle of May: The purchase page was returning a 404 error...

The Daily Grind: What’s the longest wait you ever had for an MMO?

The other day I was looking back at my gaming blog from 2013 to read a list of my most anticipated MMORPGs. And wouldn't...

Star Citizen engages its updated Jumptown event as players call out ongoing problems with alpha 3.19

Star Citizen is continuing to hit the gas pedal on its in-game events. On top of alpha 3.19's release and the ongoing Invictus Launch...

One Shots: Welcome to the spider level!

Welcome, welcome, come on in, make sure that nobody's left behind. Do we have the full tour group? Good. Ladies and gents, welcome to...

Star Citizen debuts the RSI Lynx luxury rover and the Tumbril Storm tank

Star Citizen promised that its Invictus Launch Week would be full of reveals, and with the current showcase featuring Tumbril and RSI vehicles, it...

Star Citizen debuts the new Mirai Fury scramble fighter in latest video

Last week, Star Citizen pulled the curtain back on a new ship manufacturer by the name of Mirai, which is the "performance brand" of...

Whatever happened to Star Citizen’s Squadron 42? Well, you can’t buy it right now

When we wrote about Star Citizen's alpha 3.19 release, a couple of our readers pointed out in the comments that the pledge/purchase button for...

Star Citizen alpha 3.19 launches with mining and salvage updates, new tutorial, and new PvP event

The self-described Call to Adventure is being sung by Star Citizen, which serves as the subtitle for the newly released alpha 3.19 build, which...

Star Citizen continues to move alpha 3.19 through public testing and shows off its latest in-game tutorial

The next phase of Star Citizen's ever-lengthening alpha test is nearly here as CIG continues its testing of alpha 3.19 on the public test...

One Shots: Who left the gas stove on?

So. This is awkward. I know everyone has an excuse why you were definitely not messing around with the giant's gas stove in Blade...

Star Citizen Live talks up a new ship manufacturer and alpha 3.20’s new derelict settlements

Once again, Star Citizen is using its regular weekly video digest to peer farther into the horizon before alpha 3.19 and alpha 3.20 even...

Star Citizen confirms its next free fly event for May 19, talks alpha 3.19’s mining and salvage updates

In the lore of Star Citizen, the United Empire of Earth is a democratic empire of human star systems that often leans heavily on...

Star Citizen shows off development progress on its next indoor kart racetrack

Last August, Star Citizen showed off the surprise reveal of indoor kart race tracks, which started life as a pet project done by some...