this is why we can’t have nice things

The real problem with this genre is the fact that humans play it. Here’s some of the worst stuff they’ve done.

Embracer (Gearbox) announces major restructure with layoffs and canceled games

Just three weeks ago, Embracer Group - the megacorp that owns gobs of properties, including Gearbox, which governs Cryptic and a bunch of MMORPGs...

World of Warcraft announces price hikes on subscription plans for Turkiye and Ukraine

Fans of World of Warcraft who live in Turkiye and Ukraine are seeing some bad news this week, as Blizzard has confirmed that the...
Now my stats are good!

Former World of Warcraft dev claims he was fired over greedy goblin text lines

So good old Bobby Kotick's interview yesterday made him look really great, if we're using very inaccurate definitions of the words "great" and also...

Bobby Kotick decries ‘aggressive labor movement’ trying to ‘destabilize’ Activision-Blizzard

We're just a few days from the launch of Diablo IV, so naturally Variety has offered up a mushy interview with... Activision-Blizzard's Bobby Kotick,...

No, we didn’t write a ‘testimonial review’ supporting Kickstarter MMO Magic to Master

A couple of years back, we reported on the resurrection of Magic to Master, aka M2M, which along with Laniatus had apparently changed hands...
Shame, shame, shame.

Richard Garriott’s NFT-based MMO, Iron & Magic, appears to have vanished already

About a year ago, we first covered a new MMO, Iron & Magic, which was pitched as an NFT-based game with Richard Garriott at the...

Blizzard suggests WoW Token RMT in WoW Classic is ‘for the good of the community’ because of RMT bots

World of Warcraft's WoW Classic community has been on fire for the last few days following Blizzard's announcement that it will port the WoW...

Blizzard introduces the WoW Token to Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Hello there, fan of WoW Classic who dislikes retail World of Warcraft! Are you still having a fun time watching Blizzard contort itself into...

An investor group is trying to mangle Daybreak’s EG7 for shareholder payouts

Just a week ago, we covered EG7's first quarter financial report, and you know what, it was good. Like real good. Like record-setting for...
Oh look.

Perfect Ten: Overwatch 2 is peak Blizzard

So in case you missed it yesterday, Overwatch 2 got unceremoniously canceled. Oh, I know, the game is still operating, but someone has already...
Those are rare

Overwatch 2 devs admit team strategy on PvP/PvE development shifted ‘about a year and a half ago’

So a lot of gamers were not terribly happy that Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller and executive producer Jared Neuss announced that most of...

Whatever happened to Legends of Aria aka Britaria? (2023 edition)

We turn our gaze away for just a little bit and suddenly a tire fire has sprung forth, and that tire fire is named...

Ubisoft is trying to get in on the NFT racket for a second time with Assassin’s Creed ‘smart collectibles’

In December 2021, Ubisoft joined myriad other companies in trying to drive the NFT craze to the mainstream when it launched Ubisoft Quartz, an...

Studios working on Battlefield would like players to stop harassing its developers, please and thanks

The gaming community can often be described as "passionate" primarily because "frothingly and needlessly acidic about things that ultimately do not matter" is too...
When we're talking about bombs, any drop rate is too high if you're on the ground.

Gamer who leaked classified military intel was first sharing documents in – wait for it – a War Thunder Discord

Back in April we reported on another unfortunate and alarming case of a gamer spreading classified military documents on the internet, this time involving...

Little Orbit’s ‘Web 2.5’ platform that lets players sell digital creations is just another blockchain pitch

Last August, Little Orbit, the studio that's known to MMO players as the stewards for APB: Reloaded and Fallen Earth, talked up its blockchain...

Blizzard devs lament talent bleed and Diablo IV support capacity following return-to-office mandate

Last month, we reported on a producer for World of Warcraft who expressed his frustration about seeing developers leave Blizzard, saying the team has...
Marching off to nowhere.

World of Warcraft reviews Community Discord program following backlash over non-disparagement and tracking software clauses

On May 5th, Blizzard introduced a new feature on the European community site, the Community Discord program for World of Warcraft. The idea seems...

Mike Ybarra defends patent filing for AI art generator in Blizzard style

The extremely sticky wicket of AI art generation and its impact on multiple creative industries has now hit the higher echelons of Blizzard's executive...

Redfall’s messy release prompts apology from Xbox’s Phil Spencer

Some vampires need to be staked right out of the coffin. This has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Bethesda and...