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Party down.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 425: A disturbance in the Force of SWTOR

Justin and Bree discuss the SWTOR move to Broadsword, news from the Summer Game Fest, the Reddit blackout's impact on the MMO community, anniversaries for Neverwinter and Marvel Heroes, and patches for EVE Online and No Man's Sky, plus adventures in LOTRO and Diablo IV.

Massively Overthinking: When an MMO has everything and so much of it

Last week, when No Man's Sky released its native Mac client, MOP's Chris and I fell into a discussion about the game being so...

No Man’s Sky’s Singularity aka expedition 10 is live – here’s the new trailer

Is No Man's Sky allowed to have two big drops in the same seven-day span? Welp, it's happening anyway, as hot on the heels...

No Man’s Sky announces a native Mac edition for Apple fans with cross-save and cross-play

Hello Games has been teasing red and green apple emoji all week, and if you're a PC person, you might have been wondering whether...

The Stream Team: No plans in No Man’s Sky

Do you ever have days where you don't want to do anything in particular? Massively OP's MJ does, and today's that day. But that's...

The Stream Team: Seeking out strange sights in No Man’s Sky

Today's Sandbox Saturday is featuring No Man's Sky once again, but this time MOP's Chris is taking the flight stick controls for the time...

The Stream Team: Hunting for resources in No Man’s Sky

Tomorrow may be about hunting for eggs, but MassivelyOP's MJ doesn't really need eggs in No Man's Sky. Instead, she needs resources. Lots of...

No Man’s Sky adds a new ship type, corrupted planets, and sentinel tech with the Interceptor update

Spicy new ships, planets and enemies suffering from a mysterious corruption, more sentinel foes; there is a lot to love (or fear) in the...

The Stream Team: Some casual and chilled out exploration in No Man’s Sky

MOP's Chris is once again feeling the urge to fly in deep space once again, only this time he'll be entering the sandbox of...

The Stream Team: Base building in No Man’s Sky

After finally moving ahead in a saved game of No Man's Sky, Massively OP's MJ got to finally experience the beginnings of base building....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 412: It’s a mad, mad, Mad World

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, Embers Adrift, Mad World, Pax Dei, and Blue Protocol, with adventures in LOTRO, AdventureQuest 3D, and No Man's Sky, plus a mailbag topic on Tabula Rasa.

The Stream Team: No reason not to No Man’s Sky

Oftentimes, Massively OP's MJ pick an event or an update to jump back into a game. However, this time she has no particular reason...

No Man’s Sky adds a new spacecraft, enhanced VR features, and a new expedition with the Fractal update

No Man's Sky has done it again: Early this morning the sci-fi survival sandbox released another sizeable patch known as the Fractal update, with...

Vague Patch Notes: Stop taking your released MMOs back to the drawing board

This is not a column about Kingshunt, but it is. It's not a column about Crowfall or Deathverse: Let it Die or even Crucible....
It's Cid! Hi Cid! Fix this.

End-of-Year Eleven: The best value MMOs going into 2023

Every year when I do this post, I muse about what "value" actually means for MMOs because it's actually a tricky proposition and that...

The Game Awards 2022: Blue Protocol, Diablo IV, Wayfinder, Nightingale, Dune Awakening

We've updated with all the big news and trailers now - scroll down to the end for the announcements! Original post follows. Gamers who aren't...
All your base, etc.

Fan creates an elaborate mod for building bases in No Man’s Sky

Building a base in No Man's Sky is important. It's inspiring. It's a moment of self-identification. It is complicated, too, because there are a...

No Man’s Sky adds redux expeditions and a laundry list of bug fixes to the Steam experimental branch

What's coming next to No Man's Sky? A whole lot of bug fixing if the experimental branch build that went live yesterday is any...

The Stream Team: Relaxed Mode and more in No Man’s Sky

Last month, No Man's Sky had a big update that shook things up a bit. Included in the patch notes was one phrase that...

Global Chat: Are you an MMO lone wolf even though you’ve tried to be social?

A recent post over at Words Under My Name resonated as the author shared how, despite multiple efforts to be social in MMOPGs, sooner...