MMOs, unfortunately, do not last forever. When they sunset and close down for good, the whole genre mourns.


The Daily Grind: Would you prefer maintenance mode or sunsets for your favorite MMOs?

Let me start by making something clear: I would always prefer that a game go into maintenance mode rather than shutting down. While it...

Marvel’s Avengers coasts toward its end with a final patch that unlocks everything

Missing Marvel Heroes on its 10th anniversary? Your inclination may be to look for an acceptable substitute -- but keep looking beyond Marvel's Avengers...

Gameforge is sunsetting Swords of Legends Online not quite two years after launch

I wish I could say nobody saw this coming, but unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for a while: Gameforge announced this...

Seafaring MMO Rulers of the Sea and its development studio announce their closure

Back in 2019 we highlighted Rulers of the Sea, an MMO in development by Dutch studio Deadeye Games set in the seafaring real world,...

Vampire battle royale Bloodhunt confirms it’s entering maintenance mode because of a lack of players

It looks like the battle royale genre didn't have enough blood in it to sustain more than a couple of titles: Bloodhunt, Sharkmob's vampiric...

Valofe shuts down free-to-play econ and politics-focused MMO Luminary Rise of the GoonZu

This past week saw another MMORPG go quietly in to that good night. Luminary Online: Rise of the GoonZu announced in April that it...

LOTRO’s Shadowfax server nears the end of its run, offers free character transfers

The last bell has been rung, the floor swept clean, and tipsy hobbits ushered to the door for Lord of the Rings Online's fastest...

CCP Games is already sunsetting EVE Anywhere after just a year in the wild

Back in 2021, CCP Games made a big to-do over a browser client for EVE Online called EVE Anywhere - essentially a cloud-hosted version...

Early access retro PvP MMORPG Leafling Online has sunsetted over waning interest

Hey, remember Leafling Online? It first scooted onto our radar about two years ago as a free-to-play retro 2-D, nostalgia-driven open PvP sandbox; players...

EA is sunsetting another trio of online games from the Battlefield IP

Prepare to say farewell to a whole 'nother slew of online games and a whole 'nother reason to support widespread game preservation. Though technically these...

Multiplayer time-looping strategy FPS Lemnis Gate announces its July 11 sunset

You would be forgiven for not realizing Lemnis Gate was a thing. The title was first announced in August 2020 as one of two...

After 14 years, Enjin drops guild site building tools in favor of blockchain and NFT tech

It has been a very long time since the name of Enjin crossed our minds. Long-time MMORPG gamers will recognize it as a service...

Kakao’s mobile MMO Moonlight Sculptor is closing down in May after less than two years online

At 4:20 a.m. EST this morning, Kakao and XL Games announced that Moonlight Sculptor's global servers are set for demolition in multiple regions just...

Square-Enix’s Babylon’s Fall went out with the wimpiest of whimpers

How do you imagine your favorite online service game going dark? Hopefully it's with bittersweet parties among the faithful community and massive end-of-game events...

RF Online’s western version has been sunsetted thanks to an apparent contract issue

News coming out of the sci-fi MMO RF Online has mostly been a trickle of headlines - the last report involved Korean developer CCR...

Natural Selection 2 enters maintenance mode, Spellbreak returns as an official ‘community version’

We once more have to report on some semi-sunsets in our corner of the gaming sphere, although as the headline suggests, it's not all...

Mobile co-op multiplayer RPG Echoes of Mana announces a May 15 sunset

Echoes of Mana is not a game that we've really touched on here but it does fall within our sphere of interest: The mobile...

Hearthstone’s Mercenaries mode will get one last major patch that adds new mercs, mechanics, and endgame

If you're a regular player of the Mercenaries game mode in Hearthstone, then we have good news and bad news: The game is going...

World of Warcraft is shutting down its integrated Twitter posting feature

One of the very first stories we covered when Old Massively became Overpowered was World of Warcraft's Twitter integration implementation. It seems like yesterday,...

Rumbleverse and Knockout City announce sunsets, Back 4 Blood announces maintenance mode

We have an unfortunate trifecta of bad multiplayer gaming news, especially for fans of the battle royale title Rumbleverse, the team-based dodgeball battler Knockout...