Star Wars: The Old Republic launches Old Wounds today with new story content

Shoot to wound!

We’re going to warn you ahead of time that anyone with at least a cursory knowledge of Simon and Garfunkel will be absolutely intolerable making jokes about the newest Flashpoint added in patch 7.3, Old Wound, for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Shrine of Silence has obvious story importance as players journey to Voss once again and join a commando exploring these dangerous ruins, but it fits right into a song title and so expect to hear a lot of that. Hopefully the new dungeon itself will help ameliorate those jokes.

The patch also features an attempt to reduce credit inflation through various market changes, combat balance tweaks, and gear progression changes. You know, the sort of things you would expect from a major patch. Check out the full patch notes right here whether you’re not able to jump right in and want to know what awaits or if you just like to read your patch notes before the patch downloads. (You probably read the instruction booklet for new games front to back before playing, huh? You’re hardcore. That’s cool.)

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