Pax Dei discusses alpha test plans, monetization, building mechanics, and blending PvP with PvE


Most of the time when a game puts out an FAQ, it’s generally not too helpful or full of interesting information. That certainly can’t be said about the recently released FAQ from the upcoming MMO Pax Dei, which offers answers related to several matters that gamers are likely going to find useful to know.

  • PvP: The team at Mainframe Industries wants to blend PvP and PvE by granting “opportunities for both [playstyles] to bring value to the other party – be it facing the dangers of PvP or creating the best gear for PvP players.” That said, there will be a safe area free of PvP, and the team promises to provide options for how players want to experience PvP and how much they’re willing to risk when doing so. To that last point, the devs are not ready to discuss loot rules yet, but they do note the risk of “value loss” upon losing a PvP fight.
  • PvE: There will not be any NPCs that hand out quests, provide fast travel, or engage in trade, as that will mostly be handled by players in player towns. This isn’t to suggest that there won’t be things to find in PvE, but that will mostly be done by exploring the world and following clues as opposed to following given quest steps.
  • Monetization: Pax Dei has not tied down its business model quite yet. This section of the FAQ stresses that Mainframe wants to “get this right” and that the game’s player-driven economy will ultimately steer the monetization model. It does at least confirm that there will not be any blockchain or NFT integration.
  • Housing: Houses can be built only in the Heartlands safe zone and not out in the open world, which means players can’t plop a plot near a dungeon entrance. Housing will primarily use some preset building items with limitations in terms of size and structure, along with other features like controls on who can access what in a player’s plot and plenty of decorative furniture on offer. Players who aren’t logged in will risk losing their housing plot, though the studio promises to add a grace period. This does mean there are no PvP buildings, but those are planned later and will not be housing-related, which reads like there will be warfare-specific structures to build up and risk losing out in the open world.

The post also talks about current alpha sign-ups with confirmation of testing being done in waves, notes that Pax Dei has no release schedule yet, talks about its world map, and offers hints at the importance of day/night cycles to things like crafting and resource finding. It’s a significantly beefy FAQ that interested fans should take time to read through in full. The FAQ also had scads of video footage that we’ve included below.

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