New World devs address cross-world PvP, the new arena, and anti-cheesing measures


New World’s latest Forged in Aeternum ought to make all the MMO PvPers in the house happy as it’s focused entirely on your playstyle. Dave Verfaillie, Patrick Smedley, and Dan Henuber dig into the four core PvP additions coming in season two.

The core change is regional cross-world Outpost Rush, which will have the benefit of increasing the pool of potential OPR players and faster queueing. OPR will also see scoring changes to reward players actually playing to the objectives (play on the node, not on the road, etc.). Players can also expect tweaks to the Baroness encounter (less cheesing), boosts to siege weapons (no shooting walls with a bow), the corrupted portal (forces players to kill the waves), blocking (players will earn points for that), and the PvP reward track (a little more frontloaded). And of course, there’s a new multilevel arena map en route, followed by the influence revamp coming in season three.

Meanwhile, the studio has released patch notes for the third phase of its test for the second season over on the PTR; this leg of the test fixes several sandwurm bugs, corrects consumables usage in PvP, and adds collision lanes where players were jumping off ledges to cheese in the Legacy of the Sands trial. Do expect a brief outage of about 90 minutes this afternoon for the PTS to get patched up.

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