Lost Ark’s Elgacia continent and latest abyssal dungeon arrive tomorrow with the June patch


We’re just one day away from Lost Ark’s June update, so naturally Amazon is pulling out all the stops on previewing the content – and maybe feeling a little bit of heat from its recent rivals, as the game’s population peaks have been trending downward all year. Maybe Elgacia will turn that trend around. Loredump!

“The Demon invasion beginning in South Vern and the Legion Commanders’ powers are growing with the Chaos Gates all over world. With Kazeros’ resurrection nigh due to the Dimensional Rift, it’s time for gates of Elgacia to open. Kadan and Nineveh will lead you to Elgacia, the land of Lazeniths. What will happen in the final paradise built by Regulus? Explore Ereonnor, the city of light built in reverence to the Gods, the blessed Hestera Garden, and the sacred Mount Phylantos in the continent of Elgacia as you uncover the secrets of the Lazeniths.”

The patch also includes the Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary abyssal dungeon in multiple modes, the goofy Balthorr raid event, the last 25 floors of Fortunespire, the revamp of ability stones, and plenty more. Servers go down at 3 a.m. EDT on June 14th, so if you’re on the East Coast and all goes well, the game will be up and playable by breakfast.

Source: Official site, press release
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