The Division Resurgence confirms gameplay mechanics, June 13 regional beta, and fall release window


A big info drop for mobile multiplayer looter shooter The Division Resurgence has landed on our heads this week, providing a whole slew of gameplay details, offering up some testing dates, and confirming a launch window of sometime this fall for iOS and Android devices.

We begin with the test: Regional beta testing for both iOS and Android players will play out in two phases, with the first phase running between June 13th and July 24th and the second phase scheduled from August 8th to September 19th. Regions included in the test are Chile, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, and Australia. The post also provides other details like compatible devices, goodies for joining in the test, and some patch notes for the beta build.

The rest of the Ubisoft news post talks up Resurgence’s gameplay mechanics, such as its unique touch controls intended to give a gamepad-like experience, the ability to upgrade weapons almost immediately, the addition of Dark Zone PvP, some of the different types of weapon damage, and a specialization system that focuses on playstyle over weapon type and lets players switch between one of two different Focuses (it’s spelled foci, guys) on the fly.

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