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Trove celebrates Pride with a new event, skin, and a monorail in the Splendid Summer event

Gamigo continues to use Trove as a force for good in the world despite the shenanigans of its parent company: This week, Trove joins...
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The MOP Up: Neverwinter buffs its companion healing factor by up to 100%

Neverwinter's medically minded companions received a massive infusion of green numbers this past week, as Cryptic buffed those particular pets by a significant amount. "We...

Neverwinter celebrates 10th anniversary with free companions, VIP time, and new content on the PTS

All hail Neverwinter! It was 10 years ago on June 20th, 2013 that Cryptic's Dungeons & Dragons MMO launched. So you best believe that...

Albion Online sets next guild season to run on both East and West from June 17 to September 11

If you've been curious about how the large-scale guild PvP in Albion Online will work since the opening of Albion East earlier this year,...

Pearl Abyss announces Black Desert FESTA event for July 1 in South Korea

Black Desert is having a helluva June: It's already launched the Awakened Woosa, the Maegu awakening is on the way, and then Land of...

ArcheAge’s June 22 update lets players become a gathering-focused Daru and fight in 10v10 flag wars

Sure, you could always do things like craft, gather, farm, and trade in the auction house in ArcheAge now, but what if you could...

Summer Game Fest 2023: Throne & Liberty, Path of Exile 2, Black Desert, Wayfinder, Fae Farm

We're updating at the end of this post with all the big MMO news! Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest arrives today, marking the closest thing...

EverQuest II begins Tinkerfest as Classic EverQuest sends you back to Blackburrow and Crushbone

The EverQuest franchise is heading into midsummer events this week, both in EverQuest II and Classic EverQuest. In original flavor EverQuest, Daybreak has unleashed...

Star Citizen recounts May’s dev progress on vehicles, Pyro, and new missions as its Pride Month contest returns

Cloud Imperium Games has once more put together its monthly development report for Star Citizen, which once again recounts May's granular development steps and...

Warframe celebrates Pride Month with a charitable donation and fan-made cosmetics

Warframe has joined in on the delightfully growing list of MMOs that are celebrating Pride Month, with a whole selection of cosmetic items as...

Trove joins the Green Game Jam with in-game initiative to clean up trash from land and sea

While Gamigo's reputation in the MMO world is... not great right about now, its charity efforts over the years are commendable. This year, it's...
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Throne & Liberty will be at Summer Games Fest on June 8

Are you excited about Throne & Liberty? You know, the free-to-play multi-platform MMORPG? Not ringing any bells? It's the one that used to be...

Guild Wars 2 begins Dragon Bash 2023, plans WvW world restructuring beta this weekend

If the heat of summer is already getting you down, head to Hoelbrak in Guild Wars 2: The chilly Nord capital has thrown open...

Lord of the Rings Online welcomes its Midsummer Festival this week

Most weddings are good for a single day of celebration and entertainment, but when it comes to the union of Aragorn and Arwen, it's...

Pride Month celebrations kick off in Second Life, Wizard101, Pirate101, and Sky Children of the Light

The celebration of Pride Month across the MMO universe continues on, and we're here to collect some of the various events that are being...

Old School RuneScape postpones Forestry open beta, RuneScape invites players to the Beach

Last week saw the long-dormant Bounty Hunter PvP activity make its grand return to Old School RuneScape, which means that it's time for Jagex...

Cozy MMO Palia schedules its next tech test for June 8

There are times in which you should absolutely not volunteer to test someone's technology. If your buddy Trab calls you up because he's eager...

Genshin Impact plans esports invitational centered around the Genius Invokation TCG

Genshin Impact and esports isn't exactly a pairing one would consider from the outside looking in, particularly since the title's primary gameplay loop is...

DC Universe Online reruns a summer celebration, hands out Pride cosmetics, and boosts artifact XP

There are multiple events happening in the latest update to DC Universe Online that are casting a pretty wide net of interest, so if...
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Guild Wars 2 is giving everyone free rainbow wings to celebrate Pride Month

It's the start of June, and that means Pride Month is here once again for everyone who celebrates. And what better way to celebrate...