desert oasis

Desert Oasis is a Black Desert column written by Carlo Lacsina. In a previous life, it was known as Desert Nomad and was written by Matt Daniel. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Wake-up bomb.

Desert Oasis: Comparing Black Desert and Blade & Soul’s design philosophies

One of my favorite MMO stories is how I got into Black Desert in the first place. It was right after I tried out...

Desert Oasis: In praise of the charmingly chaotic Black Desert community

One of my favorite dishes is dinuguan (dinu-goo-ahn). It's a pork dish covered in a sauce with the consistency of curry and the dark...

Desert Oasis: How AFKing in Black Desert is more productive than you think

You know what I enjoy doing in MMOs? Not doing anything. I fancy myself an AFK enthusiast. Finding a nice, scenic spot to park...

Desert Oasis: A post-mortem examination of Black Desert’s defunct Shadow Arena

Last week was such an intense week for Black Desert. The community took a blow when news broke out regarding Black Desert’s second major...

Desert Oasis: Understanding and critiquing Black Desert’s RNG systems

One of the main critiques readers made about my first Desert Oasis column last month was that I did not mention Black Desert's random...

Desert Oasis: Reframing player perceptions of Pearl Abyss’ MMO Black Desert

Hello and welcome to our revival of the Black Desert column! The Desert Nomad decided it was time to reroll for the new meta, and...