The Stream Team: Guild Wars 2’s Mordremoth world summit

After inviting/cajoling/bribing Tyria's world leaders to attend, Massively OP's MJ has ensured the big summit to face the dangers of Guild Wars 2's Mordremoth is finally about to begin. She hopes to get everyone to work together to face the threat of this dragon. (And she'll be pretending she doesn't know where such actions ultimately lead!) Join us live...

Lost Skies provides an extremely granular look at the making of a deer

It's pretty obvious to most people that creating fauna for a game isn't a simple matter of pushing a "make animal good" button and calling it a day; it takes a lot of time and effort to design, animate, and implement even the most basic of critters. Even so, the latest preview post out of Lost Skies takes players...

Trove celebrates 澳洲幸运5历史查询-澳洲5分彩开奖结果历史-历史开奖记录查询 Pride with a new event, skin, and a monorail in the Splendid Summer event

Gamigo continues to use Trove as a force for good in the world despite the shenanigans of its parent company: This week, Trove joins the roster of MMORPGs and other multiplayer games that are celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride month. Gamigo's calling it the "Splendid Summer 2023" event. "Pride is here, celebrating love for all, and encouraging everybody to...

Star Trek Online releases Unraveled, its new episode, and its new TFO for console

Console fans are finally joining their PC siblings in Star Trek Online's Unraveled season, which has kicked off on Xbox and PlayStation today. As we've previously covered, this is the story arc that sees Kipleigh Brown return as Admiral Kuumaarke; the patch includes the new Wish Upon a Star episode, Leviathan TFO, and a pair of patrols, as well...
Party down.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 425: A disturbance in the Force of SWTOR

Justin and Bree discuss the SWTOR move to Broadsword, news from the Summer Game Fest, the Reddit blackout's impact on the MMO community, anniversaries for Neverwinter and Marvel Heroes, and patches for EVE Online and No Man's Sky, plus adventures in LOTRO and Diablo IV.

The Division Resurgence confirms gameplay mechanics, June 13 regional beta, and fall release window

A big info drop for mobile multiplayer looter shooter The Division Resurgence has landed on our heads this week, providing a whole slew of gameplay details, offering up some testing dates, and confirming a launch window of sometime this fall for iOS and Android devices. We begin with the test: Regional beta testing for both iOS and Android players will...
I feel like this screenshot has various diseases.

Path of Exile 2 shows off vile, bloody muck ahead of its big ExileCon reveal on July 28

So you like gore and vile stuff smeared across a landscape in your video games of choice, and you like the saturation turned way down. You want bloody, nasty, squelchy messes. You want vile corruption and things that you are sure smell bad even though you can't actually smell them through a computer screen. But you also want the...

Lost Ark’s Elgacia continent and latest abyssal dungeon arrive tomorrow with the June patch

We're just one day away from Lost Ark's June update, so naturally Amazon is pulling out all the stops on previewing the content - and maybe feeling a little bit of heat from its recent rivals, as the game's population peaks have been trending downward all year. Maybe Elgacia will turn that trend around. Loredump! "The Demon invasion beginning in...

Camelot Unchained boss discusses the MMO’s dungeon building tool and character progression

While a lot of what the 10-year-old in-development MMO Camelot Unchained talked about in its last newsletter was about UI updates and alloys, there have been other steps forward as well, which were shared in City State Entertainment's latest monthly report and further discussed by CSE boss Mark Jacobs in his latest livestream. One of the primary points of interest...

Fight or Kite: Tower of Fantasy might be your Blue Protocol stopgap

Good news, everyone! No wait, it’s bad news: Blue Protocol’s global release was delayed a while back. It's a real bummer because I’m a huge anime nerd, and I was actually beginning to look forward to it - not up to the hype level of looking forward to it, but in a general interest way. In the meantime, I’ve...

New World devs address cross-world PvP, the new arena, and anti-cheesing measures

New World's latest Forged in Aeternum ought to make all the MMO PvPers in the house happy as it's focused entirely on your playstyle. Dave Verfaillie, Patrick Smedley, and Dan Henuber dig into the four core PvP additions coming in season two. The core change is regional cross-world Outpost Rush, which will have the benefit of increasing the pool of...

Choose My Adventure: Settling into Age of Conan’s uncomfortable routine

Today's Choose My Adventure column is about the groove. I think some folks know what I mean in relation to MMOs (or even gaming in general). It's that moment when the mechanics, the setting, the controls, and the general moment-to-moment of a game starts to take shape around you. It begins to become natural feeling. You get into the groove....

Overwatch 2 discusses the Invasion update’s PvE missions – and the price you’ll have to pay to keep them

PvE is finally coming to Overwatch 2 with the release of the Invasion update on August 10th, but the latest post from the game has unveiled a very large string is attached to the news: If you want to keep playing the tentpole story missions feature, you're going to have to pay up. The story missions will be available to...

Pax Dei discusses alpha test plans, monetization, building mechanics, and blending PvP with PvE

Most of the time when a game puts out an FAQ, it's generally not too helpful or full of interesting information. That certainly can't be said about the recently released FAQ from the upcoming MMO Pax Dei, which offers answers related to several matters that gamers are likely going to find useful to know. PvP: The team at Mainframe...

FTC asks US court to block alleged Microsoft/ABK plan to ‘consummate’ merge despite ongoing lawsuit

So remember how the Microsoft buyout of Activision-Blizzard was supposed to be all wrapped up by June of 2023? We're kinda there now, with chiefly the FTC's lawsuit and the CMA's disapproval being the only major roadblocks, and apparently Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard were planning to go ahead with it in spite of the ongoing litigation, or at least that's...

EVE Online launches its Viridian summer expansion today [Update: It’s live!]

EVE Online's big summer expansion is finally here, and CCP Games is hoping that players will embrace its theme of "Express Your Identity." The Viridian expansion to the long-running space MMO adds plenty in the way of tools and customization for various galactic projects. This includes personalizing upwell structures, the ability to track member contributions to corporation projects, homefront operations...
Shoot to wound!

Star Wars: The Old Republic launches Old Wounds today with new story content

We're going to warn you ahead of time that anyone with at least a cursory knowledge of Simon and Garfunkel will be absolutely intolerable making jokes about the newest Flashpoint added in patch 7.3, Old Wound, for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Shrine of Silence has obvious story importance as players journey to Voss once again and join...

Embracer (Gearbox) announces major restructure with layoffs and canceled games

Just three weeks ago, Embracer Group - the megacorp that owns gobs of properties, including Gearbox, which governs Cryptic and a bunch of MMORPGs we care about - admitted that a vital partnership worth $2B US had fallen through for reasons unrelated to Embracer itself, causing its earnings forecast and stock value to plummet over cashflow concerns in spite...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO do you spend the most time modding?

A few weeks ago, MOP's Andy pinged me and asked for recommendations for Lord of the Rings Online, knowing how persnickety I am about my UI in MMOs. I warned him it would take me a while to get him a whole list, but actually, it was pretty quick. I have a few dozen mods installed, but in truth,...

The Stream Team: The Covetous Courtier in Warframe’a Duviri Paradox

First there was calm. Then came joy. The next emotional spiral MassivelyOP's MJ must face in Warframe's Duviri Paradox is covetousness. And spiral does sound so fitting: As Dominus Thrax's emotions spiral out of control, the environment follows. MJ will be starting this new path while seeking more parts to assemble her Thrax action figure. Tune in live at...



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